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Inkwells / Marble or the alternate site: Inkwells / Marble
Marble Bird Inkwell ( Item # 28026 )
Large and rather interesting Marble Inkwell with a bird on a branch and inkwell of metal.
Probably made in the early 1900's -- has sort of an art deco look to it. 
White line on right hand side of marble is NOT a break or scratch, just a white line in the marble.
This piece weighs approximately 6 pounds and we therefore suggest UPS or FedEx Ground shipment.
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Inkwells / Miscellaneous or the alternate site: Inkwells / Miscellaneous
Victorian Inkwell with Grouse ( Item # 35966 )
Very rare Victorian or earlier Clay/Ceramic Inwell with a pair of Grouse, a tree stump inkwell and greenery. 
Some specialist say this inkwell could even predate the Victorian period, but we'll go with mid 19th Century.
Great handwork and painting on this most unusual inkwell.  Doubt if you will ever see another one of these althogh I heard there was one with a pair of geese at a large inkwell show recently.
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