Below is a list of antiques & collectibles that are available at the Antique & Collectible Exchange.

Clocks / Electric or the alternate site: Clocks / Electric
Copper Horseshoe Electric Clock ( Item # 28024 )
Here's a somewhat hard to find Horseshoe Copper/Bronze Electric Horseshoe Clock.  It works great and keeps very accurate time. 
The last patent date is 2049261, which is 1936, so clock could be anywhere from 1936 up to I would guess 1942. 
Second hand, very clean face.  60 cycle, 2.5 watts.
Nice copper color and very little wear on the copper or case. No marks or dings on case.

Clocks / French or the alternate site: Clocks / French
French Bronze Recoco Mantle Clock ( Item # 24304 )
A stunning French Bronze Rococo Mantle Clock with a great deal of detail with bronze that is in excellent condition.  Clock is in perfect working order. We believe the works to be either Swiss or German.  
The following are the appraisers comments:  
The age of your lovely French Louis XV style clock is easily determined by two factors: The hands are typical machine cut hands of the late Victorian era circa 1900.  In addition the movement which bears the mark WU and a serial number is machine made with a damascene decoration of the back plate.  The rectilinear back plate and appearance of the movement suggest either German or Swiss manufacture.  The Germans had  a multitude of clock factories after 1890 and supplied movements to France, England and America where they would be cased, at a low cost.  They imitated all the styles of these countries and frequently supplied a case made in Germany. Most of the German movements were unsigned.
Your clock is a classic and handsome example of Louis XV style with an ornate urn surmounting a metal dial with individual porcelain or plastic numerals separated by metal.  These were commonly  found on  mid eighteenth century clocks.  The dial is surrounded by metal vines and leaves.  A fancy double shell sits beneath the dial. The base consists of rococo C-scrolls and on feet typical of those found in Louis XV clocks.  The overall design is quite pleasing.   The period of Louis the Fifteenth runs from 1723-1774. The straight line of the previous era is replaced by the rococo or ornate curve, characterized by flowing scrolls and fantastic ornaments.  The movements were generally round, complicated and made by expert craftsmen, whose name or mark were placed on the movement.
Over the years of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century the style of Louis XV was copied.  During most of the 19th century the movements were still French made, and marked as such, by firms such as Japy Freres or LeRoy, etc. These continued to be simplified round movements usually with silk thread suspensions.  By the 1890's the Germans were actively competing in the clock market in America, England and on the Continent.  
The retail appraisal was $ 900 on this clock -- we have it here at $820, and I personally believe the appraisal was rather low.  Check out other web sites and you will see a very similar clock between $1500 and $2000.

Clocks / Grandfather Clocks or the alternate site: Clocks / Grandfather Clocks
Up on today’s auction, we have a very old full size grandfather clock made by the Norland Company in London, England. 
Please note that this is a full size stand alone clock that stands over 6 feet in height and will be available for LOCAL PICKUP ONLY.
This large piece of time keeping machinery stands over 6 feet tall and weighs some 125+ pounds in weight.
We are told that this particular grandfather clock is well over 100 years old and was in perfect running condition when it was disassembled and sold to us. The new owners will need to have the pendulum and counter weights re-attached and tuned in the interior of the cabinet. 
There is a top panel included which goes on the top of the clock. However, when we try to seat it falls through. It appears to this notary that some minor woodworking  will need to be done in order to get this piece in place.
This large stand alone clock appears to be in very good condition considering its age and we are not noting any scratches or blemishes on the casing / housing.
A terrific timepiece sure to last another 100 years in the warm cozy confines of your home.
If you have any questions, please be sure to ask!
PLEASE NOTE: If the auction winner truly desires for this clock to be mailed, the auction winner will need to make all packing / pickup arrangements including crating, packaging materials, insurance and carrier arrangements.

Clocks / Mantel Clocks or the alternate site: Clocks / Mantel Clocks
Fine Atmos LeCoultre Clock.  It is in good running condition, must be balanced and has its own level built in.  Brass shows some wear.  Shipping included will be for Parcel Post. Expedited shipping is available , please inquire. 

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Clock: Egytian Motif Clock, Egyptian Maat Decorative Clock ( Item # 23630 )
Egyptian motif clock in hand-painted and intricately sculpted resin. The clock represents the concept of Ma'at: truth, order, balance and justice. It is an ornately 24K gold colored clock depicted on a raft guarded by two winged goddesses. The hand-painted metallic gold, turquoise, dark blue, deep green, coral and black of the clock are reminiscent of the richness of ancient Egyptian archaeological treasures. The clock measures approximately 16" high x 14" wide and has a quartz movement. This would make a fabulous mantel clock to set a decorative tone and color scheme as the focal point of a room although it would look fabulous anywhere. It has a reliable quartz movement. Price includes domestic UPS Ground shipping. (#-EgyptianClock) To order this spectacular Egyptian Clock, just click on the blue shopping cart button to the left of the picture, or email us at: or telephone us at 773-929-9007 or fax us at 773-525-1920.

Clocks / Miscellaneous or the alternate site: Clocks / Miscellaneous
Antique Clocks Gallery in Sacramento ( Item # 23316 )
We have a large assortment of antique clocks which you can view in the photo's.  All clocks have been cleaned and or repaired, and are warranted for one year from date of purchase.  If you see a clock you would like please email us with the description and we'll get back to you with a measurements, price and shipping costs, although we prefer to sell our clocks locally in the Northern California area.  We pack our clocks very carefully for shipment, however, due to the fragile nature of most, we cannot guarantee those that we ship will run perfectly when they arrive.  If you are a knowledgeable clock person, adjustment after shipping should not be problem.
Please note it may take a few moments for these clock photo's to load as they are larger than normal size.

Lanshire Porcelain Electric Clock 24 KT Gold Decoration ( Item # 23775 )
Beautiful porcelain Lanshire Electric clock decorated with 24 KT. Gold and applicate of roses and French woman.  Works fine and is good condition except for two small hairline cracks at 4 o'clock, which are not that noticeable.  This would be a lovely addition to a ladies desk or the boudoir.  Weight 2 pounds 8 ounces and according to the patent number this clock was produced in 1949-1950.

Here is a great find: an antique Concord 15-jewel adjustable travel clock. The leather case, with an embossed ostrich pattern, is 4” square and monogrammed in gild with the initials M.H.J. The clock face is 2½” in diameter. The innards are marked thusly: ”case#    2332422  66  7. Concord Watch co. 15-jewel. 3 adjustments. Movement #2483882.” There are hairline cracks from five to 9 o'clock, and a couple of very tiny ones from six to seven thirty, very tight and thin, barely noticeable. This clock is not in running condition, insides look clean and complete.

Clocks / Shelf or the alternate site: Clocks / Shelf
Waltham Cherub Winding Desk or Mantle Clock ( Item # 33665 )
Very rare Waltham Desk or Mantle Cherub wind-up clock with a last patent date of January 13, 1891, so we can assume sometime in the 1890's. 
This clock has a paper face which is in good shape but has some brownish discoloring due to age, however, the paper face is in excellent condition.
Note the second hand.  Cherub and metal work is all in very good condition with a very slight stress crack on the back of the pedestal base.  Didn't even notice it until examining as I measured it.
Needs winding once a day and appears to be keeping accurate time.
Thie clock books for over $400 and we have it here for $295. 

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