Below is a list of antiques & collectibles that are available at the Antique & Collectible Exchange.

Cigarette, Cigars & Tobacco / Ash Trays or the alternate site: Cigarette, Cigars & Tobacco / Ash Trays
Retro Pin Up Girl Nude Ashtrays / Set of Four ( Item # 33749 )
As found, these retro ashtrays were purchased at a house sale in Mahone Bay Nova Scotia. Featuring a playing card theme and  a nude 3 dimensional pin up girl  on each ashtray, they can be re-purposed  to candy or nut dishes. An amazing conversation piece at your next poker game.  
I can only show 3 photos on my home page so if you would like to see more just ask.  
Probably from the 1950's there is some age appropriate wear. The ace of hearts girl has a repair on her legs and some of the ashtray edges are a bit chippy.  
Made in Japan, this vintage risque ashtray set  is a rare find. They will need a good wash from thier new owner.

Cigarette, Cigars & Tobacco / Cutters or the alternate site: Cigarette, Cigars & Tobacco / Cutters
P.J.Sorg Cast Iron Tobacco Cutter ( Item # 26312 )
A great old cast iron Tobacco Cutter by P.J. Sorg with a patent date of Dec. 11, 1883. 
On cutter handle it reads "SPEAR HEAD" on one side and "SAW LOG" on the other.
Cutter blade is in excellent condition with some very small knicks.  Gear works just great.
Some discoloration on the cast iron where the black paint has come off. 
With a little sharpening this cutter and blade could be in operation quickly.

Cigarette, Cigars & Tobacco / Holders or the alternate site: Cigarette, Cigars & Tobacco / Holders
Up on today’s auction, we have a terrific hand carved ivory cigarette holder.
This tiny treasure measures 3 – 13/16" in height and  .5" in width. For a item this small, there is a large amount of detail shown. 
The image depicted is that of a tree snake curling up toward the top branch of some jungle tree. Perhaps when it reaches that topmost branch, it will lie in wait and then drop down onto it’s unsuspecting prey! The black eyes of the snake stand out in stark contrast to the whiteness of the oxbone.
Buy this tiny terror to help your other hand carved animals in line!

Vintage Cigarette Holder / Hand Carved Treenware ( Item # 33725 )
We are pleased to offer this unique one of a kind cigarette box . Having been hand crafted the corners are dove tailed and the upper edges are intricately carved. Measuring 6X6X3 inches with four storage shelves for cigarettes it is carved out of pine.
A wonderful piece of vintage treen ware that would enhance any tobacco collection.
Shipping will be $15.00 in Canada or USA

Cigarette, Cigars & Tobacco / Match Safes or the alternate site: Cigarette, Cigars & Tobacco / Match Safes
Match safe, English, 19th century ( Item # 34733 )
Antique English match container, metal, covered in dark green leather.  The work "Light" is stamped on lid in gold lettering.  Flips open by pressing metal button; match compartment and striker inside.  In very nice condition with only minor wear at corners.  Dates from mid-1800's.   Measures 1 and 7/8 inches high by 7/8 inches wide.  Free domestic shipping.

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