Below is a list of antiques & collectibles that are available at the Antique & Collectible Exchange.

Beads / Glass or the alternate site: Beads / Glass
Vintage African Powder Glass Beads, Supplies - Lot of 15 ( Item # 43004 )
These beads are from a collection and were marked old African Powder Glass Beads.  There are 15 beads measuring from 1", 3/4" and 1 small at 1/2".  They are beige in color, some with a dark blue inclusion or strip. Here is a good link to find out more about this type of bead CLICK HERE. {msg2}

Beads / Ivory or the alternate site: Beads / Ivory
Fossil Ivory Beads - Selection of Sizes, Shapes ( Item # 42351 )
Mammoth ivory comes from the prehistoric woolly mammoth and is found in the Artic North of Alaska, Russia and Siberia. Alaska mammoth and mastodon sometimes had tusks that weighed 200-300 pounds and 10 feet long.  The wooly mammoth is the official Alaska State fossil.
The colors range from creams to browns and we have a selection of sizes as follows 
16mm x 13mm  - 2 pieces $5.00------11mm x 7mm - 7 pieces $5.00-----19mm x 9mm - 6 pieces $25.00-----15mm x 9mm - 4 pieces $20.00-----8mm - 65 pieces $1.00 each-----10mm x 8mm - 11 pieces $8.00-----
40 piece lot misc. sizes shapes small - $25.00------19mm x 9mm - 7 pieces $3.00 each-----12mm x 10mm - 6 pieces $12.00-----Lot of 13 pieces misc. flat and round misc. pieces med. size $25.00-----7mm x 8mm - 7 pieces $4.00-----
7mm x 4mm - 8 pieces $3.00-----Lot of 10 misc. 8, 9mm round and oval $15.00-----9mm x 21mm - 3 pieces $4.00 each-----22mm x 11mm - 2 pieces $5.00 each-----32mm x 7mm - 1 piece - $8.00-----14mm x 11mm - 3 pieces $3.00 each-----
15mm x 7mm - 4 pieces $18.00-----24mm x 18mm 1 piece $10.00-----12mm x 7mm - 4 pieces $3.00-----27mm x 9mm - 3 pieces $5.00 each
Order by email with your selection. Discounts for multiple purchases on this item. Also feel free to make offers on these beads. These were from an estate collection.{msg35}  {msg2}

Beads / Lapis or the alternate site: Beads / Lapis
Lapis Beads 10mm 16" Strand ( Item # 45233 )
Very nice strand of lapis beads 10mm - 16" strand with approximately 40 beads.  Ready to use in your designs.  Beautiful coloring. {msg13}{msg2}

Beads / Miscellaneous or the alternate site: Beads / Miscellaneous
Large Amber Beads ( Item # 43005 )
These beads are from a collection and were marked as Amber. They each measure about 1" in diameter and 1/2" wide at the widest.  Most have smooth outside and matte finish on the "sliced" side. A couple of little nicks around the edges. I tried to test these for amber but am afraid I'm not very proficient at it.  I never could get a definite test. Each piece weighs about 10 grams.  I'm pricing them at half what was marked on them and that was almost 20 years ago when I purchased the entire collection.  I will give a discount for multiple purchase on these beads. They would make a super nice focus for a necklace. I do have more, not quite as large, that I will be listing soon.  {msg2}

Pair of Vintage Jasper? Large Carved Beads ( Item # 43431 )
Pair of deeply carved natural stone - jasper ? beads measuring 1-3/4" high x 3/4" in diameter. There are openwork areas of the beads and holes top to bottom.  Lovely brown shades. {msg2}

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