Below is a list of antiques & collectibles that are available at the Antique & Collectible Exchange.

Arts & Crafts / Art or the alternate site: Arts & Crafts / Art
Legal-size wood clipboard ( Item # 20707 )
The amazing quality of this wooden clipboard makes it a wonderful gift idea.  The person receiving it will immediately recognize your eye for quality wood work.  Sanded and finished to perfection with state of the art conversion varnish, for a lasting durable finish.

Arts & Crafts / Arts & Crafts Art or the alternate site: Arts & Crafts / Arts & Crafts Art
Today we have for your consideration a terrific hand painted plate depicting a scene in Brazil and highlighted by the use of butterfly wings in the background.
This fabulous plate has lovely vibrant colors of blue, green, red, beige and yellow throughout and even though the plate is marked “BRASIL” it reminds this writer of scenes from Egypt. There are Palm trees shown and a lovely lake / river passing by underneath some mountains. The butterfly wings add lovely layers of shimmering light to the plate.
The plate itself measures about 9 – 5/8” in circumference and is edged with a ring of silver-plated metal. The back of the plate is also coated with the same silver-plated metal. There is a hook on the back that allows the plated to be displayed upon a wall.  
This lovely plate is in very good condition with a few surface scratches in evidence.
Please refer to our pictures to see the full beauty of this plate.
A colorful treasure that must be seen to be enjoyed.
If you have any questions, please be sure to ask!

Arts & Crafts / Ceramics or the alternate site: Arts & Crafts / Ceramics
New Father Christmas ( Item # 32056 )
This piece is Hand Painted in Wine and green attire with charcoal fur. Beautiful piece.

Praying Southwest Angel ( Item # 32100 )
This Southwest Praying angel is Hand painted.

Santa Clause ( Item # 32062 )
Santa has a hand painted wine colored suit with brown fur.

Arts & Crafts / Miscellaneous or the alternate site: Arts & Crafts / Miscellaneous
Hand painted Gourd Mask ( Item # 32105 )
hand painted. No 2 are alike. Has beads and ready to hang.

Hand painted Slate Rock ( Item # 31930 )
Hand painted Slate Rock named "Hunting Season Over" 5 1/4 tall x 13 1/4 long

Hand painted Wooden Cow named "Moon Shine"(FolkArt) ( Item # 31927 )
Handpainted wooden cow nicknamed "Moonshine"

Handpainted Southwest pottery vase ( Item # 31932 )
Handpainted Southwest pottery vase, Handthrown
6"high x 3 1/4" deep

Indian Gourd Basket ( Item # 32059 )
Hand painted Southwest/Indian basket with leather trim around opening and around handle, 2 conchoes and beads.

Lil' Abner Playhouse ( Item # 22661 )
This delightful little playhouse will capture the imagination of that little prince or princess. Let their imaginations take flight with hours of play spent playing house, or camping or use it as a 'fort'. This childsize creation is made with handmilled native Arkansas cedar milled on site. This unique creation can't be found at the 'big box stores' and with proper care will last until these children have children. Why not skip a trip to the casino and show that special darling that you really do love him/her.

New 13" Round decopauged and hand painted wood pizza clock. ( Item # 31923 )
13" Round decopauged and hand painted wood pizza clock. Great for a childs room or an Old World or Italian Kitchen.

New Camoflauged Gourd Basket ( Item # 32113 )
Hand painted camoflauged gourd basket with trim. A "Catch All" version with the husband in mind.

New Chicken Gourd ( Item # 32057 )
This hand painted Chicken Gourd shows that a womans work is never done.

New Gourd Mask ( Item # 32061 )
Hande painted and beaded mask. Turns a simple gourd mask into a mystery. No two are alike.

New Hand painted and decopagued ceramic Cow Skull ( Item # 31931 )
Hand painted and decopagued ceramic Cow Skull without horns with beads.

16" long x 7 1/2" wide.

New Hand painted and decopauged Round wood plate w/ stand ( Item # 31929 )
Hand painted and decopauged Round wood plate with plate stand.

New Hand painted ceramic Juke Box ( Item # 31925 )
Hand painted ceramic Juke Box. 6 1/2" high x 4" wide x 3" deep. Great music lover gift

New Hand painted ceramic moose ( Item # 31924 )
Hand painted ceramic moose, 16' long x 13" high

New Hand painted ceramic Raggedy Ann ( Item # 31926 )
Hand painted ceramic Raggedy Ann. 7 1/2" high x 7 1/2" wide x 6" deep.

New Hand painted Cottage Retreat Bird House ( Item # 31928 )
Hand painted Cottage Retreat Bird House. 10 1/4" high x 19 1/2" round.

New Hand Painted Vase ( Item # 35154 )
Hand Painted Terracotta pot called "In Flight". Dated 2008 and Signed AF.

Snake Gourd ( Item # 32060 )
Hand painted snake. No two are alike.

Southwest Wooden Box ( Item # 32101 )
Hand stained with Glass insert.

Space Aliens ( Item # 32063 )
3 different size pictures: 1 - 10"x10", 1 - 8"x8", and 6"x6".Frames not included. Will not break set up.

Thief Pot Gourd ( Item # 32058 )
Decopauged with real coffe bean paper to show a replica of Indian thief pots. No two are  alike.

Victorian Angel Box ( Item # 32102 )
Victorian stlye Angel box. Hand applied black and gold crackle medium. Glass insert.

Here for your consideration is this vinatge Arts and Crafts serving tray . In near perfect condition and featuring unique blue and white whipping on the sides and handles , it is ready to use for entertaining over the holidays or be put on display. Showing of a charming forest scene with trees and a singing bird sitting on a tree with Mother of Pearl inlay, all under glass. Measurements are 17 X 11 inches. If you are a fan of this style I have a similar tray with a different theme that is equally as nice or nicer. Just ask for the photos.
Thanks for dropping by.
Feel free to inquire. More photos available on request.

Wall Plaque ( Item # 32114 )
This Sun and Moon wall plaque is a re-do piece that has been hand painted.

Wood Letter/Bill Box ( Item # 32104 )
Solid wooden hand painted and stained open container for letters, bills, napkins and more.

Wooden Flower bench ( Item # 32103 )
Hand painted Folk-Art.

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