Below is a list of antiques & collectibles that are available at the Antique & Collectible Exchange.

Antiquities / Antique Collectibles or the alternate site: Antiquities / Antique Collectibles
Cave Man Series Collection ( Item # 44202 )

Charles Darwin - The Origin of Man.

Cave Man Bench Model Set - An Anthopological Showcase.

Neanderthal Human Sculptures.

Specimen Civilization - Before Contact with Whites - Dating back to 7000 years.

Head Hunter Warrior Horn ( Item # 44203 )

Horn of the Rear to Sight Blue Ox. It is the Insignia on the House of Naga Head Hunter. It is also used as Gun Powder Horn to Sound War Cry, an instrument of Music, for dispensing Ritual Sacred Water, as a vessel for Drinking / Sharing Wines.                                       
It is also called Mithuna Horn symbolic of Love & Vigour.

Himalayan Aphrodisiac ( Item # 44200 )

It is found at Higher Altitudes of the Himalayas. A Rock Like Melted Material oozing out from Rock Crevices when the Ice Cover melts during the Summer Months.
It contains absorbed Nutrients – Minerals in Fossilized Form.
The Kama-Sutra, mentions it as a powerful Aphrodisiac & Restorer of Youthfulness. 

Kamarupa Love Mats ( Item # 44625 )
Alongwith Musk & Aloe – The Devine Naturally fragrant substances, known for their aphrodisiac properties, Kamaruap Mats – Sensual Mats i.e. Sital Pati & Reed Mats have found references in Kamarupa Country of Ancient Era.
 As per legend Kamarupa Country was ruled sensuous beautiful women.
 The Art & Process of making the Mats has survived through centuries.
 The total Annual Production is not over 1300 Mats as it takes about 15 days to handmake one Mat for a family of 3-4 artisans.

Kamarupa Spirit Wood ( Item # 44199 )

Kamarupa Country on the Exotic Spice-Route along the Silk Roads is known for Wild / Cultivated Agarwood Trees. Kamarupa Spirit Wood is one of the most sought after Wood based Natural Fragrant Substance. The price of Top Quality Spirit Wood is comparable with the price of Gold.
It is widely used in Tibetan / Japanese & Middle Eastern Rituals.

Kinetic Bird Cigarette Picker ( Item # 44627 )

Kinetic Force Mechanical Contraptions of Bygone Eras – A Marvel of Scientific Principles – applied by traditional Art Craftsmen even before the Onset of the Age of Science.
 Already Done No.
Kamarupa Erotic Sculptures
 The Legend of Kamarupa – Kama Meaning Erotica, Rupa Meaning Beauty – Sensual Beauty.
 Once upon a time Kama Rupa Country was ruled by such Women.
 Hand Carved from One Piece Seasoned Wood by the Artists from Kamarupa Country.

Kinetic Bird Cigarette Popper ( Item # 44628 )

Kinetic Force Mechanical Contraptions of Bygone Eras – A Marvel of Scientific Principles – applied by traditional Art Craftsmen even before the Onset of the Age of Science.
 Already Done No.
Kamarupa Erotic Sculptures
 The Legend of Kamarupa – Kama Meaning Erotica, Rupa Meaning Beauty – Sensual Beauty.
 Once upon a time Kama Rupa Country was ruled by such Women.
 Hand Carved from One Piece Seasoned Wood by the Artists from Kamarupa Country.

Legend Ring Shawl ( Item # 44207 )

Super High Quality Genuine Handmade Pashmina made from 100 % Baby Wool – Which is the first Shaving of the UnderBelly of Pashmina Baby.
 The thickness of the Thread is not over 12 Microns. The Goats are raised at Mountain Altitudes of 5000 Meters where they survive on the Wild Grass grown in Minus 40 Degree Temperature.
 Full Size Pashmina passes through Wedding Ring. The Colours are the Plain Natural Colours of Goat Hair. Real Pashmina never come in Fancy Colours or Embroidery.
 Commercial Quantities of Pashminas are never available as Baby Wool from 3 Baby Goats is required besides a long period of Labour by skilled Hand-Weavers.

Marcopolo Rams Head ( Item # 44201 )

First spotted by Western Explorer Marcopolo in 13th Century at an Altitude Symbol of Fertility & Warrior’s Attributes.
of about 15000 Feet.
 Considered a Hunters Trophy and Sacred in various Civilizations and mythologies getting back to 3000 B.C.
It is currently a special skill qualification Badge of the Vermont Army Mountain WarFare School of the United States Army.

Sailors Romantic Ambergrease ( Item # 44204 )

An extremely Rare – Almost Mythical Animal Generic (Sperm-Whale) legendary Substance with difficult to believe but True Properties.
 For HIM / HER – Sperm Whale aloafic Body Discharges – Communicating – Transmitting & Receiving Call of Love – Over 100’s of Miles Over the Oceans.

Antiquities / Art or the alternate site: Antiquities / Art
Last Supper ( Item # 44205 )

A Museum Collectable.
 Wooden Panel Painting. Rendered with the Skins of Different Natural Shades of Wooden Skins from Tropical Forest Trees.

THE PREY - A Museum Collectable. ( Item # 44206 )

Wooden Panel Painting. Rendered with the Skins of Different Natural Shades of Wooden Skins from Tropical Forest Trees.

Antiquities / Books or the alternate site: Antiquities / Books
Dutch/German Psalter Leaf, c. 1470 ( Item # 35026 )
Lovely single leaf from small 15th century Psalter book.  These beautiful books were handwritten psalms in Latin on vellum.  Both side have writing; ink is dark brown with some letters in red and large blue initial letter on one side.  Condition is very good with no tears or other deterioration.  Leaf itself measures 65 by 91 mm, or approx 2.5 by 3.5 inches.  In acid-free presentation folder.  Free domestic shipping.

Antiquities / Chinese or the alternate site: Antiquities / Chinese
For today’s auction, we are featuring a antique Chinese made Cloisonne brass storage container.
Cloisonne is a method of enamel decoration of metal surfaces, such as vases and jewel boxes. Metal filaments (which form the cloisons or separating elements) are attached at right angles outlining the design to be used. These miniature compartments are filled with colored enamel in paste form and the object is then heated in order to fuse the enamel to the surface and develop its transparency and permanent colors. When finished, the enamel and cloisons are closely joined in a smooth even surface showing the pattern in various colors definied by the metal partitions which prevented their fusing with one another. This metal treatment was probably invented in the Middle East and has been highly perfected by the Chinese, Japanese and the French.
This brass container features a lovely floral pattern which is compromised of a color palette containing light and dark greens, whites, yellows, purples, cranberry, rose and blue hues. The colors of the piece have held up rather nicely despite this piece’s age.
The container is in very good condition with a 5/16” chip on one side and a 3/16” black scuff mark on one of the green leaves. On the interior of the piece, we are noting that there are 2 small nicks on the interior of the lid (where the base metal is revealed) and there are 2 nicks (1/8” and .25” ) on the container’s base. These nicks also reveal the base metal.
A very nice piece of Chinese metalwork!
If you have any questions, please be sure to ask!


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Antiquities / Miscellaneous or the alternate site: Antiquities / Miscellaneous
Antique Brass powder Measure - French ( Item # 34649 )
Very nice antique brass powder measure with wooden handle, found in the Savoie aea of France.  Measure is marked H N on bottom with an anchor.  On side of measure it reads "Grammes, Poudre" with the range from 1.40 to 2.60 grams.  Measure itself slides well with locking notches as pictured.  Very nice condition, little wear, nice patina, dates from 19th century.  Measures 5 inches long.  Free domestic shipping.

Antique Gold Guilt Italian Sconce ( Item # 35047 )
This Italian Gold Guilt Sconce with glass prisms (So in vogue right now) is beautifully designed with a leaf pattern and priced 20% off.

We have today an unusual item up for auction: an antique pewter IMDO decilitre measuring cup. Great old Hallmarks
This old measuring tool stands 4.5" tall, measures 2.25" in width and has a depth level of 3 - 3/16".
There is a hand written label on the base that seems to indicate that this piece may be French in origin.
It has a small spout with a thumb-opened lid that opens / closes smoothly. It is stamped DECILITRE on the handle.
We here at the store do not know whether this measuring cup was used in a bar or pub or possibly in an a laboratory. There are circular punches around the upper edge with letters / marks within them which may be a yearly certfication of some sort by a weights & measures inspector.
Fascinating to look at and interesting to speculate about, this old measuring tool is in very good condition and is sure to evoke many a "What is THAT?" conversation by one's friends / colleagues.
Acquire this piece of Franco / Anglo history today! 

Antique Wooden Bowl ( Item # 35044 )
This antique wooden bowl is in original condition with some of the blue color worn off. It is in very good condition and has been priced 20% off.

Depression Cereal Bowls by McBeth and Evans Glass Co. ( Item # 32015 )
Depression Glass Cereal Bowls by McBeth and Evans Glass Co.  Excellent Condition.

Depression Glass Berry Bowl by McBeth and Evans Glass Co. ( Item # 32016 )
This 9" Berry Bowl Depression Glass by McBeth and Evans Glass Co. is in Excellent Condition.

Glazed Terra Cotta Statue David After Cantagni ( Item # 24307 )
This is a glazed Terra Cotta statue figure of Davld slaying Goliath after Cantagni.
We estimate it to be from the late 18th Century or early 19th Century. 
Overall it is in very good condition with glaze off in exposed edges such as nose sides areas, knee and on one toe.  The sword is missing.      It is an excellent representing of the Biblical tale as restructured in a late Renaissance fashion. The piece has a slightly faded mark of a cock rooster with long tail, spread feet and large cockals.    .
It was soft paste porcelain which was glazed and fired in the kiln double time. It is in good and stable condition.   These types of Biblical sculptural scenes and personalities were recently captured beginning in the the end of the 18th century and carried through into modern times.   
This piece has been appraised for $1000 and we have it listed for $750 here. 

Graniteware Dipper ( Item # 32044 )
This Antique  Graniteware Dipper had a few small chips on it, but in good condition.

Hocking Glass Co Old Colony Pink Butter Dish with Cover ( Item # 31894 )
Old Colony Pink Butter dish (or Bon Bon) with cover. Hocking Glass Co 1935-1938
Book Piece

Hocking Glass Co. Depression Glass Bowl, 1930-1934 ( Item # 31893 )

Cameo, Ballerina or also called Dancing Girl. Hocking Glass Co 1930-1934 8 1/4" Green Berry Bowl

Book Piece

Howdy Doody Handkerchief ( Item # 35149 )
This Howdy Doody Handerkerchief that is a "Blast from the Past". Everyone knows this cute fellow. Under the handkerchiief, it has the name Bob Smith on it. Marked down from $45 to $36...A savings of 20% plus free shipping.

Hull USA F11 Small Cream colored Dish #F11 ( Item # 31898 )
Hull USA F11 Small Cream colored Dish 6 1/2" long x 4 3/4" wide, bottom ribbed and top has a scrolled pattern. 1 tiny chip around the lip.
Book Piece

Madrid Federal Co 1935-1939 Amber 10" Oval Vegetable Bowl ( Item # 31896 )
Madrid Federal Co 1935-1939 Amber 10" Oval Vegetable Bowl
Book Piece

Madrid Federal Glass Co 1932-1939 Amber Pitcher 5 1/2" Tall ( Item # 31897 )
Madrid Federal Glass Co 1932-1939 Amber Pitcher 5 1/2" Tall
Book Piece

Madrid Federal Glass Co 1932-1939 Set of 6 Amber color bowls ( Item # 31895 )
Madrid Federal Glass Co 1932-1939 Set of 6 Amber color 7" Soup Bowls

Book Piece

Powder measure, Lyman Ideal, Conn. ( Item # 34650 )
Nice old metal powder measure with wooden handle.  Measure is marked in drams, to 2 and 1/4, or 7/8 oz shot.  Also marked Lyman Ideal, Middlefield, Conn.  In very good condition, little wear noted.  Measures 5 inches long.  Free domestic shipping.

This is a nice old genuine Bronze Sculpture of an Oriental Head .  It appears to be signed Risini or Rizini  and has the number 4 and another that I can't quite make out.
The piece measures 7" x 4".
It came from a career soldier who fought in 3 wars and as such we are not sure where exactly it came from.  Very unique and base shows age, wood with crazing.

Small Blue Basket with Fruit and Leaves by Made in Japan ( Item # 31899 )
Small Blue Basket with Fruit and Leaves marked Made In Japan on bottom. 5 1/4" high. Early 40's - early 50's.

Vintage Hanging Vase/Planter ( Item # 32046 )
Majolica style parrot with red, green, yellow and black with out hanger. Sells for $75. My price is $60 plus tax to deduct for not having the hanger In Great Condition.

Wall Pocket Vase by Made in Japan ( Item # 31902 )
Wall Pocket Vase. 5" Tall x 3" wide. Made In Japan with Lustreware finish called Cuckoo Clock
Book Piece

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