Below is a list of antiques & collectibles that are available at the Antique & Collectible Exchange.

Ephemera / Lady's Apparel Ephemeral or the alternate site: Ephemera / Lady's Apparel Ephemeral
Pastel Vintage Photograph - Woman in Hat ( Item # 38839 )
This is a beautiful photograph of a lovely young woman in pastel blue straw hat and matching dress. If I had to guess, I'd say 1930's. Straw bouquet. Very well done. Size is 6-1/2 x 8-1/2". {msg2}

Ephemera / Military Ephemeral or the alternate site: Ephemera / Military Ephemeral
Sir Winston Churchill's Funeral / 1965 Life Magazine ( Item # 33657 )
                                               Sir Winston Churchill
                                                  1874 - 1964
Life magazine dated February 1965 features 21 pages in full colour of Sir Winston's funeral. I can only enter three photos so if you wish to see more please ask.
Here is a caption from one of the photos : At Waterloo station. From river , bearer guard slow-steps the coffin to special train for the run to Handborough near burial site at Bladon. The locomotive , one of the "Battle of Britain" type of engines, was named "Winston Churchill" in 1946. Line over which train rolled had long been out of use, but was kept up solely for Sir Winston's funeral journey.
Also in this issue : Explosion at sea - Washington Report - Show Dog's Big Haul - U.S. Girls become Paris Designers and more. Also featuring some fabulous retro advertising.

Ephemera / Miscellaneous or the alternate site: Ephemera / Miscellaneous
Reward of Merit Cards Lot of 4 ( Item # 44669 )
 This is a lot of 4 Victorian Reward of Merit Cards. All different sizes - smallest 2-1/2 x 4" and largest 4-1/2 x 7". The large one has a 2 corners missing and edge wear. The others all have age appropriate wear but no tears or folds. Backs clean on all but one where it is written to a student from a teacher. {msg2}

Ephemera / Photos of Ephemeral or the alternate site: Ephemera / Photos of Ephemeral
Four Royal Photographs of King George V and Queen Mary ( Item # 33679 )
Her Gracious Majesty Queen Mary and His Gracious Majesty King George V. These Royal photographs were part of the Halifax Herald and Halifax Daily Star newspapers on May 3rd, 1935 to celebrate the Silver Jubilee ( 1910 - 1935 ) . Considering that they are 73 years old they do show some age related marks , but as you can see in the photos it is not serious enough to interfere with the subject of these photos taken by Vandyk.
Purchased at an outside Antique Market in Chester N.S. they are ready to be enjoyed as part of a Royal collection or the beginning of one.  
Shipping for Canada and USA will be $10.00

Ephemera / Political Ephemeral or the alternate site: Ephemera / Political Ephemeral
Vintage 1979 Life Magazine / Carter & Kennedy Showdown ( Item # 33698 )
"After Ted Kennedy all but declares himself in the running, he and a weakened but scrappy Jimmy Carter fire the first salvos in a hot political shoot-out for the presidency". A part of American history another Kennedy runs for President of the United States of America and this magazine has all of the details.
Other interesting topics in this magazine include the bald eagle , auction fever , Barbie turns 21 (full 3 page layout in colour), fashion etc. Also some great advertising.
Shipping will be $12.00 for Canada and the USA  

Ephemera / Sailing Ships Ephemeral or the alternate site: Ephemera / Sailing Ships Ephemeral
Cunard Line 1960 Passenger List / R.M.S. Ivernia & Ephemera ( Item # 33673 )
We are offering this fabulous vintage lot of Cunard Shipping Line Ephemera for your consideration.
*Included is the Tourist Class List of Passengers for the R.M.S Ivernia, sailing on April 14, 1960. 
*A real photo post card of the Ivernia with a passenger's note (Nigel Taylor) on the back.
*1950's Canadian Cunard Line travel brochure for the Ships Sylvania, Carinthia, Ivernia and Saxonia. "Cunard service dates back to to the year 1840".
*The Canadian Pacific Domed Streamliner time table April to October 1960.
*Travel brochure dated 1960 " Across Canada by Canadian Pacific". This is the travel booklet with the Ivernia postcard attached that you see in my photos. 
More photos available upon request.
Shipping will be $10.00 for Canada and USA 

Ephemera / Trade Cards or the alternate site: Ephemera / Trade Cards
Victorian Painter's Palette Trade Cards - Blank ( Item # 44122 )
This is a lot/set of 5 painter's palette Victorian trade cards each measuring 4-1/4".  Merchants used these to announce their products and many unique designs were incorporated.  These are blank on the back and usually a merchant would use a stamp or have his product  professionally printed and described there.  These are available as a lot for $15.00 or you can purchase individually at $3.00 each. For individual purchase email us for a custom invoice. {msg2}

Ephemera / YearBooks or the alternate site: Ephemera / YearBooks
Parkersburg, WV Parhischan Yearbook 1950 ( Item # 41123 )
 yearbook from the Parkresburg West Virginia High School - "Parhischan" dated 1950 . Very good condition, black and white photos, signatures and lots of fun "those were the days" photographs. {msg2}

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