Below is a list of antiques & collectibles that are available at the Antique & Collectible Exchange.

Books / 1st Editions or the alternate site: Books / 1st Editions
The Magical Mimics of Oz" by Jack Snow, 1st Edition ( Item # 34247 )
Published in 1946 by Reilly & Lee, Chicago, 242 pages.  Jacket color nice and bright, green pictorial endpapers.  Illustrations by Frank Kramer.  Good copy, jacket has slight wear at edges and small water stain near bottom.  No writing inside, pages clean.  Top and bottom of spine show wear.  Free domestic shipping

The Roses of No Man's Land" by Lyn Macdonald ( Item # 34241 )
First Edition, 1980, London.  Hardcover with jacket.  Fascinating, well-researched story of British nurses and doctors in World War I, written by former BBC producer Lyn Macdonald.  Fine condition; faint stainig on jacket and bottom edge, handwritten inscription inside.  Binding intact, pages clean, 318 pages.  Free domestic shipping.

Books / 20th Century or the alternate site: Books / 20th Century
Ashes in the Wind by Kathleen E. Woodiwiff ( Item # 32096 )
Hard cover, Copyright 1979 first edition. No dust jacket, no marks, no coloring, and no dog ears. Small wear to bottom of spine and 3 small spots on last pages.

Batman-The Official Movie Book ( Item # 31911 )
"Batman"-The Official Movie Book-1995 Entire cast and shooting
of the movie on a daily basis, stunning crew stunts and so much more.
Info on the author and photographer.

Claybook for James Joyce", hard bound, 1958 ( Item # 36449 )
Very nice copy of Louis Gillet's book on James Joyce's life and works, hard bound in red cover.  Has blue dust jacket, small sticker for Hazelton Lawn Library inside front cover.  Printed in England, 1958, by Abelard-Schuman.  No marks or stains, binding tight, only slight wear to binding edge of jacket.  Measures 8.75 by 5.75 inches, 135 pages.  Free domestic shipping.

From Whom the Bell Tolls" by Ernest Hemingway ( Item # 31903 )
"From Whom the Bell Tolls" by Ernest Hemingway. 1940 Hard Cover with no jacket Some wear on outside edges and corners. Very small amount on outside spine. Inside has pulp pages in good condition. No writing or color marks or dog ears.Selling for $128 - $150. My price $125 plus tax and S&H

If Looks Could Kill by Heather Graham New Paper Back Book ( Item # 31885 )
If Looks Could Kill by Heather Graham New Paper Back Book....A sizzling romance and chilling suspense

New...Dead on the Dance Floor by Heather Graham ( Item # 31882 )
Dead on the Dance Floor by Heather Graham New Paper Back Book...Broken hearts, shattered dreams and tangled motives unfold and Investigator Quinn O'Casey can stop the killing.

Nursery Friends from France" 1954 ( Item # 34755 )
Wonderful copy of this Book House for Children book originally copyrighted in 1927.  Blue hardcover with picture pasted on cover, brightly colored maps on endpapers, 191 pages.  Full of colorful illustrations by Maud & Miska Petersham, and translated by Olive Beaupre Miller.  Over 100 traditional French nursery rhymes, some with partial musical scores.  A very charming book and a peek into old French culture through these "chansons".  Very good condition, spine tight, no fading or spots, no writing inside, very little wear to spine ends.  Free domestic shipping.

The Adventure of the Detected Detective" re Finnegans Wake ( Item # 34652 )
Hard-to-find copy of William D. Jenkins' fascinating 1998 book "The Adventure of the Detected Detective", which examines Sherlock Holmes references in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake.  Greenwood Press, Conn., 149 pages, no marks in book, appears never read.  In excellent condition, 8.5 by 5 and 5/8 inches.  Blue hardcover.  Free domestic shipping.

The Search by Christiane Heggan New Paper Back Book ( Item # 31884 )
The Search by Christiane Heggan New Paper Back Book...With her best friend missing, will she find her in time or become the next victim?

Trickster by Muriel Gray New Paper Back Book ( Item # 31886 )
Trickster by Muriel Gray New Paper Back Book....Hell has never been so cold and evil can play the most terrifying tricks

WildCard by Rachel Lee New Paper Back Book ( Item # 31883 )
WildCard by Rachel Lee New Paper Back Book...When the deck is stacked against you, working outside the law is the only card to play.

Books / Advertisement Books or the alternate site: Books / Advertisement Books
Mr. Boston Deluxe Official Bartenders Guide(A Collectible) ( Item # 33425 )
Mr. Boston Deluxe Official Bartenders Guide has every drink imaginable in this 1940 4th printing by Leo Cotton.This hardback leather book has beautiful pictures and 160 pages of drinks. Also shows picture of correct size glasses for drinks. Has 1 dogear, light yellowing, no writing, coloring, or tears and very little wear to bottom of spine. A very nice Collectors Item.

Books / Books or the alternate site: Books / Books
The Story Book of Aircraft ( Item # 35253 )
Beautifully illustrated book by Maud and Miska Petersham and published by the John C. Winston Company. This book carries the story of aircraft from early legends through parachutes, airplanes and more. Very good condition - normal wear. Bookplate in the front. Published in 1935. {msg2}

Books / Books - T to U or the alternate site: Books / Books - T to U
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time ( Item # 41151 )
First - I am not selling this book and you can't buy my copy, but I am recommending it for anyone  that loves character mysteries.  It is a detective story of sorts focusing on an autistic boy and his search for the killer of his neighborhood pet dog.  It will make you laugh and cry at the same time all the while anticipating the next chapter.  An easy read at 225 pages, but you'll want to read it again and again !  Not only will you enjoy the book for it's mystery merit, but it will change the way you look at the world.  You can purchase this at
and the price is only $8.00.  If you love to read I guarantee you will love this book !  Let me know how you enjoy it !

Books / Christmas Collectibles Books or the alternate site: Books / Christmas Collectibles Books
Little Golden Books Christmas Collection ( Item # 33428 )
This collection of books has 12 all time favorite Christmas stories. The box holder for the 12 books has tape on the corners, but the books are in Mint Condition. The cover Illustrator is by Terri Super in 1987. These books on the web sell for $10.00-$18.00 per book, but I am selling the whole collection for $90.00

Books / Cook Books or the alternate site: Books / Cook Books
The American Heritage Cookbook - 2 Volumes ( Item # 39100 )
This set is a must fo any cook, chef or lover of cooking !  Produced in 1964 by Simon and Schuster with additions by too many people to name, the first volume deals with the history of cooking that goes from "Native  Bounty" to  the "Presidential Tables" . The pictures are many and a great read and history lesson for everyone. Over 350 pages.  The second volume deals with the recipes themselves. This has a nice  forward on the front inside cover with weights and measures, equivalents and more.  The recipes go from full menus, before the soup to dessert and after dinner drinks. Extensive index for finding just what you need. Now remember, this is basic cooking - not convenience fixins but there is a great recipe for Maryland Fried Chicken !   Both volumes are contained in a hardboard sleeve ( a little worn)  for safe keeping. The books measure about 9 x 7 and are in excellent condition.  A basic for your kitchen or a friends that will be treasured. {msg2}

Books / Golf Memorabilia Books or the alternate site: Books / Golf Memorabilia Books
Byron Nelson's Winning Golf ( Item # 43925 )
T his book was published in 1946 by A.S.Barnes and Company and is an instructional golf book written by Byron Nelson. Hard cover measures 7 x 10" and features extensive photos and and information on golf and the career of Byron Nelson. The cover and spine are worn but intact. Approximately 172 pages all with black and white photographs including some celebrities.  {msg2}

Books / History or the alternate site: Books / History
Independence National Historic Park, 1954 handbook ( Item # 34243 )
National Park Service Historical Handbook, series 17, by Edward M. Riley.  Softcover, greey and brown colored cover illlustration.  68 pages, numerous photos and illustrations of the area around Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  Text contains interesting history of each building.  Measures 9 and 1/8 by 5 and 7/8 inches.  Excellent condition, no writing inside.  Free domestic shipping.

The Cable Cars of San Francisco" 1968 ( Item # 34242 )
Softcver booklet by Phil and Mike Palmer, recounting the history and details of how San Francisco's cable cars work.  Great photographs of the City's streets in 1960's.   Very good condition, faint brownish stain on one page as pictured and top edge.  No creases or damages to edges, no writing inside.  Free domestic shipping.

Books / Miscellaneous or the alternate site: Books / Miscellaneous
Book: The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan ( Item # 21839 )
Book:    "The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan",  by James Morier;  illustrated by Cyrus LeRoy Baldridge.    This particular edition was "...Designed and Illustrated by Cyrus LeRoy Baldridge in collaboration with the Book-of-the-Month Club, Inc."     Random House,   1937,  404 pages.    Dust cover is torn and in bad shape;  pages are yellowed;  someone wrote their name in black ink on the inside front cover;  overall condition is fair.    There are six  fabulous full page colored illustrations, and the book  opens with a double page colored map.            " The Adventures of Hajji Baba first appeared in 1824, and soon became known to a large part of the world as a classic to be compared with Burton's Arabian Nights. "            " a tale of high adventure in Persia........"  Price is $35.00, in "as is" condition.

Book: 50 Years of Movie Posters ( Item # 21854 )
Full title of this book is:   50 years of Movie Posters;  Hollywood's golden era!    Compiled and edited by John Kobal;  Introduction by David Robinson.  First published in 1973.    This edition published by Bounty Books and distributed by Crown Publishers Inc., 1985.      ISBN:  0-517-51386-2         Spiral bound;  176 pages.    Format is quite large at 17 1/2" high and 12" wide.    Every right hand page is in full color, and there are other colored illustrations also...      No tears or rips but both the front and the back covers show some creasing.     All pages are included;  page 151 is duplicated  (which is Alan Ladd in the "Blue Dahlia").  Overall condition is very good.                     Films represented include  Theda Bara in "Cleopatra",   Douglas Fairbanks in "Thief of Bagdad",    D. W. Griffith's Drums of Love,  James Cagney in Public Enemy,    Marlene Dietrich in Angel,    Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman in Gaslight,  and several of Marilyn Monroe's films including--on the last page--The Seven Year Itch.

Cabbage Patch Kid Book ( Item # 35132 )
Cabbage Patch Kid Book by author Larry Callen. Hardback with no writing, no coloring, no dog ears, no dust jacket, just a tiny bit of wear to binding on outside.

Collectible Fountain Pens" Book ( Item # 31912 )
"Collectible Fountain Pens" Book-11th printing 1996
Retailed for $21.95
Outside has minimum wear and Inside is Mint Condition


Collectors Guide to Diecast Toys and Scale Models ( Item # 31913 )
Collectors Guide to Diecast Toys and Scale Models
Minimum wear on outside, Mint Condition Inside
About 325 color photos, 1000's of items


Holy Bible with Carrying case ( Item # 32106 )
This Bible was Copyrighted in 1982. New King James version. Nelson and Bible carrying case. Light gray with flowers. Very fist page has small tear that has been taped. Consignment item.

Little Big Book "Lassie"- Old One Eye ( Item # 31907 )
Little Big Book "Lassie"- Old One Eye-1975 by George Elrick-Whitman

Walt Disney's Christmas is Coming Pop Up Book (Collectible) ( Item # 33427 )
New Walt Disney's "Christmas is Coming" Pop Up Book is a Collectible in Hardback Pop Up style. This book is in Mint condition. Designed by Kathryn Siegler and written Kay Michaels. Illustrated by David Christensen. This is a 3 way collectible. Copyrighted by Disney Press 1995.

Books / Yearbook or the alternate site: Books / Yearbook
American River Junior College Sacramento 1961 Yearbook ( Item # 20114 )
Book owned by Prdence Masters In very good condition.

Bakersfield Junior College 1939 Raconteur Yearbook ( Item # 21753 )
Bakersfield Junior College Yearbooks "The Raconteur" from 1939.  Previously owned by Catherine Barber Letterman.  Excellent condition and some student signers.  Yearbook is $20 and Media Mail postage bewteen $3 & $4.

Kern County Union High School Yearbook 1937 ( Item # 21754 )
Kern County Union High School 1937.  Previously owned by Catharine Barber Letterman. Many signatures and good wishes from fellow students.  Yearbook is $20 and Media Mail is $3 to $4.

Loretto High School 1959 Sacramento Yearbook ( Item # 20136 )
Another of our Loretto High School Yearbooks, this for 1959. Book previously owned by Prudence Master.

Sacramento Senior High School Review 1937 Yearbook ( Item # 23980 )
A somewhat rare Sacramento Senior High School Review Yearbook for the year 1937.  This was the last year for this book, as the following year there were two high schools in Sacramento.  Outside cover is in good condition, binding still al intact with a little wear on the splin.  Inside is in excellent condition. Book was originally owned by Chester Elmer Barr Jr. , who by the way, had excellent printing style.  Lot's of great history here.

San Gabriel Mission High School 1960 Pioneer Yearbook ( Item # 42109 )
Very good condition 1960 San Garbriel Mission High School Yearbook.  Many signatures to "Fred" and in some cases "Fred Floorshift"  later. 
We also have the 1957, 1958 and 1959 yearbooks from the same person.

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